What a wonderful service we had on Sunday December 15th with the Youth and Children’s Christmas Program. The children and youth all did such a great job. A lot of time and practice went into getting ready for the service. Special thank you to Joy Plaisted, our children’s pastor, and all the people who worked to make it happen –

Linda, Rosmary and Cindy for their magnificent sewing skills. The children looked great!
Polly for designing the manger and for my beautiful flowers.
Janel and Samson for leading the carols during the play. And Janel for taking care of all the Christmas Bags for the kids.
Elgah, Debby, Kevin, Hayley and Katiefor the hours spent with the children practicing lines for the play and keeping them occupied during the dress rehearsal and practices.
Heidi for your help with the youth drama practices and for all the wonderful photos you took.
Mitchel for his expertise in the sound department
Hayley and Aimee for their work with the Firestarter Girls Dance.
Jeff for stepping at the last minute and videoing the program.
Sway, Katie, Mitchel, Timothy and Hayley for their help in tearing down and setting up the stage.

Thanks also to Kathy Allen, Cindy Saari and the team of people who helped with the Christmas Lunch. It was a wonderful meal and a blessed time of fellowship together.