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Are You Selling Your Dream? Part 2

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By Pastor Alan Langstaff/10.8.15 Last month, when I wrote about “Are You Selling Your Dream?’ I finished by saying I would share the story of a good friend of mine who, for a season, left his dream, but has now come back to it again; a man whose ministry reached every continent and into over […]

Are You Selling Your Dream?

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Pastor Alan Langstaff/9.24.15 All families have certain routines that they follow. One of ours is that my wife Dorothy and I like to start the day with breakfast together, followed by a devotional and a time to pray. For many years, we have used a devotional written by a long time friend Bob Gass and […]

Ask the Pastor

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Sunday, December 1st, marks the beginning of Advent. As it is a holiday weekend, we will be doing something different (just as we did last year). Instead of having a sermon, we will have a time of ‘Ask the Pastor,’ when Pastor Alan, Pastor Dorothy and Pastor Paul will seek to answer your questions. So […]

Church on the Hill Dedication – October 13, 2013

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What a wonderful celebration we had on Sunday, October 13th as we launched “Church on the Hill.”  We had a large congregation and celebrated with a wonderful chili luncheon that followed our service.  What an inspiring start to a new season in our church!  Pastor Paul Sheldon challenged us to leave our “good enough” behind […]