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The Best is Yet to Be

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By Pastor Alan Langstaff/12.31.15 Anyone who knows me or has heard me speak will know that this is something I often say. It is from Robert Browning’s poem – ‘Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be. The last of life for which the first was made. Our times are in His […]

Preparing to Win

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By Pastor Alan Langstaff/12.17.15 One morning, when I was out walking our dog Benji, I met some neighbors. In the course of our conversation, they told me that the husband had just competed in an ironman contest in Tempe, Arizona. An iron man contest is made up of three parts. Firstly, a 2.4 mile swim, […]

One + One + One = One

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By Pastor Alan Langstaff/12.3.15 After the recent Langstaff Letter ‘There is Only One God,’ one of the responses I received was a request for an article on the trinity. How is it possible to believe on one hand that there is only one God, while on the other hand declare the three members of the […]

Are You Selling Your Dream? Part 2

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By Pastor Alan Langstaff/10.8.15 Last month, when I wrote about “Are You Selling Your Dream?’ I finished by saying I would share the story of a good friend of mine who, for a season, left his dream, but has now come back to it again; a man whose ministry reached every continent and into over […]

Are You Selling Your Dream?

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Pastor Alan Langstaff/9.24.15 All families have certain routines that they follow. One of ours is that my wife Dorothy and I like to start the day with breakfast together, followed by a devotional and a time to pray. For many years, we have used a devotional written by a long time friend Bob Gass and […]